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01 May 2008 @ 04:30 pm
[Fanfic] How to Fix a Broken Heart? Chapter 1  

Title:  How to fix a Broken Heart?

Chapters:  1/?

Pairing:  NishiKato (main), ShigePi, and TegoPi (mentioned.)

Rating:  R

Disclaimer: Johnny’s disapproved my proposal over his talents, especially NEWS. Gahd!! I’ll own NishiKato someday!!

Summary: Shige gets conscious after the accident, and many things change happened around him. He met the guy who saved him from accident.

Note: It’s still un-beta. I’m looking for one; please tell me if someone’s interested. ^^

You know, that’s the only word I can hear even I was in a deep sleep. I always hear “fuck” Why?”