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10 August 2008 @ 12:09 am
[je] fic: the rain continues falling (pi/shige)  
 Title: The Rain Continues Falling
Written: 090808
Summary: Because I'm lazy and completely suck at summaries... Yamapi and Shige meet up after Shige's last Tokyo show. Pi/Shige. 
Fandom: Johnny's Entertainment.
Notes: If the above summary sounds familiar, that's because it is.  For the brilliant trivialaffair, who wrote this absolutely gorgeous piece of pi/shige, This Is What I've Tried To Do, and has generously allowed me to have a go at writing something to go with it.  It might only make sense if you've read that 1st, hopefully. So go read it ;p  One day I'll attempt to write something where they're both physically together AND awake at the same time.  Today is not really that day :p
A/N: I was very much inspired by 涙を届けて: the theme song from Shige's drama, 'Hoka Ben', while writing this.
Disclaimer: Is my surname Kitagawa?

(after all this time it's still yamashita.)

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