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01 April 2008 @ 12:30 am
Hey minna here ^^

Pi posted this today in his jweb:

31 March 2008
7:32 PM
Today work ended really early
So I went with shige to buy some stuff
Right now I’m with shige watching HEY! HEY! HEY! (laugh)  [Note: Awww ShigePi love]
What exactly are the two of us doing (laugh)
The two of us haven’t been together in a long time / hardly ever get to be together!
Why don’t I go play the guitar now!

credits to xmoonprincessx @ yamapi_jweb 

Isnt that cute? XD
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31 March 2008 @ 11:37 pm

i just heard this radio...
i thought maybe i really late hear this radio
i think i want translate this radio part...
is it already translated? i dun know
so i will try my best translate it....
coz at this radio got ryoshige raburabu yo!!!
minna... ryo feed shige pudding  ryo: ahhh shige  shige: ahh ryochan 
uwahhh... make me kimazui yo ne.
shige ask can he call them as pi n ryochan...
they said no problem.... cho kawaii 
ryochan said he felt sabishii if shige call him nishikidokun coz most of time he being callled as ryochan
he said that he not calling as katou he will call shige as shige...
yamapi agree ryochan coz he call shige as shige ne
then pi give shige hizamakura n clean his ear hahahha...
but when i hear this radio i really believe already that they became closed already
shige can speak with his big sempai already
i really happy... i can't stop smiling hear this radio part
ahhhh they  disscus about "erohon <---porn book too.
when the first time they read porn book uwahhhh.... 
this little only...
wait ne i will translate all ne
so difficult ne coz i hour.
matte ne...
ryoshigepi no tameni

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25 March 2008 @ 03:05 pm
Anno minna san~
Can i request for Pi's and Shige's chibi photos?
As in photos when they're young...

Sankyuu in advance!
17 March 2008 @ 05:14 pm
Title All Right: 2
Pairing Shige/Yamashita
Summary Law office love? Maybe.
Author's Note Wow another chapter! I turned Yamashita into a stalker, but that's alright. Right? I love hearing what you think so let me know!

And yeah for a shige/pi community!

[Yamashita stood across the street from the office.]
Title 50 SENTENCES of RyoShige // ShigePi even though most of them are more than sentences
Author thiswritersucks
Pairing RyoShige, ShigePi, mention of slight RyoUchi
Rating ...PG-13?
Genre failed angst, Gen, Romance (riiiight), at some points friendship
Word count 3,177
Disclaimer GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL! – Meaning, 100% disclaimed. They’re real persons and so on, so on, so on, so on…
Author’s note Don’t expect anything. Word-theme-set-thingy taken from 1sentenceorder 
(the beta one), but I’ve changed some words with others from the other sets. NON-BETA’D SO SOME SENTENCES ARE LULZ-WORTHY. Please shout out all the mistakes.
They’re supposed to be sentences, but I’ve turned most of them into scribbles. All of the sentences scribbles are connected... somehow.
WARNING! It’s cheesy and some sentences don’t make sense and uh if I were you I wouldn’t read it. Srsly.

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16 March 2008 @ 01:36 am
Hey~ Welcome to shige_pi!

This is a Livejournal community dedicated to the ShigePi pairing. The relationship of this pairing is whatever you make it to :D

I -
sere_chan or Dani - am the maintainer of this comm.
I really like this pairing
all who know me, should know which my real OTP is. Sadly they don't have many photoshoots or moments together, but when they have, you or I should really post it here :D

So all ShigePi lovers, please join this comm and let it live a long life m(_ _)m

Your maintainer
Sere-chan ❤

P.S.: If you want to affilate or apply for a mod job, please leave a comment here :D