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01 May 2008 @ 04:02 pm
[Fanfic] How to Fix a Broken Heart? (Prologue)  

Title:  How to fix a Broken Heart?

Chapters: Prologue

Pairing:  NishiKato (main), ShigePi, TegoPi (in later chapters) . And a presentation of Shirota Yuu and Akanishi Jin here.

Rating:  PG (I guess)

Disclaimer: I don’t own NEWS or KAT-TUN. I know it is painful to accept that. They are products of Kitagawa Johnny of Johnny’s Entertainment. And Shirota, he’s a product of Watanabe Entertainment, D-BOYS. I’ll own NishiKato someday!!

Summary: Kato Shigeaki and Yamashita Tomohisa are celebrating their 5th anniversary together, something happened on Shige. (I’m suck at making summary.)

Note: Me and my friends made an idea on this fic, I <3 Nish and Diane for this!! Sorry for the wrong grammar and spelling. This is un-beta. And this is my first time on writing a NEWS fanfic. So be free to comment and point out what’s the problem on the fic. And I’m looking for someone who can beta this fic.

~~ the italic words was their thoughts.

How can a freshman like him know Trigonometry while me… Ahh!! Baka! Baka! Baka!