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26 January 2010 @ 11:37 am
You didn't look hard. (one-shot)  
i was supposed to be studying but... well... you know? i thought this comunity needs to re-start angain. why not start now?
hope you like it

Title: You didn't look hard
Author: ME!! akeru_world69 
Pairing: Nishikato and Shigepi!! (KATo Kingdom XD)
Genre: AU,romance, comedy?
Rating: ... PG-13 for suggestions?
Summary: He was going to notice him... oh, how he was going to... (and i suck at summaries so i'll stop here. read it, ne?)
A/N: inspired by Big Bang's MV, but it's not totally like it. i think i did a good job, that i'm getting better in this. Thank you so much nikkimeimei  for beta-ing this!! she was the first one to know about this. ^.^

Comments are love, and i need it now that i have a cold... and livejournal is being a bitch and not cutting the entry

at my lj---> akeru-world69.livejournal.com/5002.html#cutid1