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Kato Shigeaki x Yamashita Tomohisa
The comm

This is a community dedicated to Kato Shigeaki x Yamashita Tomohisa a.k.a. ShigePi and their relationship (whatever you make it to).

Maintainer: sere_chan
Mods: lovemelody, chika7, setsuna_31


❤ If you want to introduce yourself, please add something ShigePi related.

❤ No flaming or hating on other community members.

❤ Mark the subject line or your post as [fic], [mp3], [videos] based on what your post contains.

❤ All graphics, fanfics, pics, videos, mp3s must be ShigePi or related to ShigePi.

❤ If you are going to post pictures, graphics, fanfics, etc, put them behind lj-cut.

❤ Download posts must be friends locked.

❤ All entries must have proper tags.

❤ Do not plagiaries, or claim others work as your own even if its just inspired by source credit it.

❤ Do not advertise in this community!

❤ Give warnings for explicit content.

❤ Be Nice and Have Fun :D

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If you want to affilate, go to this entry.

Also if you want to apply for a mod job, go to that entry and leave me a comment :D

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